Sunday, November 12, 2006

The ABC’s of why You Should use a REALTOR

The ABC’s of why You Should use a REALTOR
by John Occhi, REALTOR

I came across this generic marketing piece on my computer about why a Hemet home seller should want to choose to sell with the assistance of a REALTOR instead of on their own as a FSBO (For Sale By Owner).

Typically the single most common reason quoted for a FSBO trying to sell their home themselves is because they want to save the commission even though the National Association of REALTORS (NAR) reports that homes sold with a REALTOR typically sell for 17% more that FSBO’s. This is the subject for a future discussion, for now, let’s examine why91% of all FSBO’s eventually end up listing their home with a REALTOR. . .
I have taken the poetic license that comes with being your own blog publisher and made a few revisions.

In any event, please enjoy…

A is for Advertising - It is the Hemet Real Estate Agent that foots all of the bill of advertising the home – until it sells.

B is for Bargain – Published research shows that 77% of all sellers feel as if their commission dollars were well spent.

C is for Contract - A Hemet REALTOR supplies standard California Association of REALTORS (CAR) contracts that are constantly being reviewed and revised up to twice a year by top Real Estate attorneys in the state – protecting the seller – unlike the version sold at the office supply store.

D is for Details – There are so many details that a REALTOR takes care of that most FSBO’s never even think about in selling their home. A good REALTOR has a check list to make sure everything is done, as it should be – Attention to Details!

E is for both Experience and Expertise – Experience comes from selling more than one home every several years and Expertise is developed in marketing, financing, negotiations and so many more areas of importance to a smooth transaction.

F is for Financial Know How – As a Hemet Realtor, I know of many different financial options to assist buyers purchase their dream home. More importantly I have a network of trained professionals to step in where my expertise ends.

G is for Glossary – There are so many terms that you may think have a common meaning but actually can mean something completely different when it comes to Real Estate, such as ‘Close’. Then there are all of the unique industry terms that you have no business even wanting to know what they mean, until they affect you – and your Realtor knows what they are and how they apply to your situation.

H is for Homework – Much preparation must go into the research of pricing a home and keeping it priced properly. Homework is don on keeping up with the latest marketing trends and techniques. A professional REALTOR is always studying and improving their professional skills.

I is for Information - When you have a question about Real Estate – ask your REALTOR. He either knows or knows where to get that answer for you!

J is for Juggling Act – Selling a home is often a juggling act. Your Hemet Real Estate Agent will juggle and handle all of the showings and inspections.

K is for Keeping Your Back Covered – Your Hemet REALTOR has a fiduciary responsibility and an ethical obligation to look out for your best interests throughout the entire transaction.

L is for the Law – Professionals from all fields must keep up with the laws and changes to the law, as they affect their occupation and a Professional Hemet REALTOR is no different than all of the other professionals you come in contact with.

M is for MLS – MLS or Multiple Listing Service is the most effective marketing tool to expose your property to buyers across the country.

N is for Negotiations – A REALTOR handles price and term negotiations without being emotionally involved or attached to the outcome.

O is for Open House – Your Hemet Realtor will not only hold your home open for a weekend, but arrange a special open hose for all of the local Real Estate Agents who may have a buyer for your home.

P is for Prospect – Every successful Hemet Real Estate Agent has his own network of contacts that can produce potential buyers for your Hemet home for sale.

Q is for Qualified Buyers – A Hemet Real Estate Agent does not bring unqualified buyers through you home.

S is for Security – You never have to worry about loved ones being home alone with a total stranger that wants to preview your home.

T is for Time – The time it takes to sell your Hemet home can be very consuming and one of the best reasons to use a resource like a REALTOR – Time is their business.

U is for Unbiased – A Hemet REALTOR will have an unbiased opinion, being removed from the emotional outcome.

V is for the VIP Treatment – when You have a Hemet Real Estate Agent working for you, you will be treated like a VIP throughout the entire grueling process.

W is for Wisdom – A knowledgeable Hemet Realtor can offer the wisdom that comes with experience.

X Marks the Spot – A Hemet Realtor is right there through the signing of the final documents.

Y is for Yard Signs – A REALTOR will provide custom professional signage to market your home and promote Open Houses.

Z is for Zero Hour – Selling a Hemet home is more often than not a very emotional and stressful experience that can take it’s toll on the strongest of individuals and families. Your REALTOR is there to help and be there for you when you need him.


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