Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Technorati - Take a Look at me Now

Today, Real Estate is like so many aspects of our life - ruled by technology, even Real Estate in Hemet CA. So for a California Ral Estate agent of the 21st century to be successful he (or she) must grasp new technologies on a regular basis - determining which ones are relevant today and which ones will have an impact on the real estate industry and their personal real estate business tomorrow.

One such technology is the newly evolved BLOG, which you are reading now. Just read anything about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and you will find one of the most important tools today is having a BLOG.

So, once you have a BLOG, you still have to get peopel to find it in order to read it, right? Of course. And that is where a web based service like Technorati comes in. They are "THE" search engine of blogs.

The entire purpose of this post is let Technorati know that the Hemet Real Estate Blog is a live and well and should be searched by it's spiders (thats search engine talk for the process of searching and indexing websites - blogs in this case)

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